benefits of postpartum doula care after Cesarean birth

benefits of postpartum doula care after a Cesarean birth

Recovering from a Cesarean birth offers its own unique opportunities and challenges. If you’ve birthed your baby by Cesarean or are planning a Cesarean birth, know that tending to your own recovery after surgery is even more essential. Mothers need and deserve to have extra nurturing support after a Cesarean birth with care in the home. Postpartum doula care can be an invaluable investment for a full postpartum recovery and a vibrant fourth trimester!

how can a doula help?

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supporting newborn feeding

Doulas offer amazing assistance with fostering a positive feeding relationship with your baby. At Sanctuary Doulas, we integrate “Feed My Baby” expertise from our certified lactation counselors and consultants (CLC and IBCLC) in your postpartum doula care. We honor each mama’s wishes for breastfeeding, bottle feeding and supplementing with compassion and without judgment.

nourishing mama & family with meals & snacks

Doulas use food as medicine by providing mothers with a delicious and nourishing path to recovery after a Cesarean birth. Doulas offer fabulous meal preparation using collagen, vitamin and mineral rich foods that support the healing process. Doulas prepare nutritious, easy to eat meals and snacks for the entire family.

taking care of housekeeping & laundry

After a Cesarean birth, housekeeping and laundry can be delegated to your doulas so the entire family can rest and fully recover. Doulas help tidy and organize the home, fold and clean laundry, and keep on top of basic household chores like emptying the dishwasher and running quick errands so family can rest and enjoy the new relationship with your wonder of the world.

supporting rest & sleep

Doulas provide the gift of rest and sleep. We offer essential time for mom and family to rest and nap during our Sanctuary day home visits and assist with longer sleep stretches during our overnight home visits. We also offer invaluable guidance on creating healthy, sustainable sleep rhythms for baby and family. And to top it off, there are relaxing postnatal massages for new mothers and their partners at home immediately after Cesarean birth that invite deep slumbers!

assisting with newborn care

Doulas honor your mothering innate wisdom while proving evidence-based information about newborn care after a Cesarean birth. Support with bathing, baby wearing, and swaddling are just a few of the wonderful newborn care tasks that doulas assist you with to nurture more confidence and ease with the new rhythms of newborn life while you recover.

processing the Cesarean birth experience

Doula holds space for you and your family to process both planned and unplanned Cesarean birth experiences. Doulas also offer abundant resources for social and support groups as well as various other professionals who assist with paths to full recovery after Cesarean birth.

Please learn more about Sanctuary Doulas and how to hire us  now for immediate care after your Cesarean birth or reserve our availability for a future planned Cesarean birth.

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