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gratitude + reviews from our boulder county families


birth doula love letters

“When my husband and I found out we were pregnant, one of the first pieces of advice from a good friend was “You have to call my birth doula!” As naive first time parents, we hardly knew what a birth doula was! When we met Michele and Sarah, we knew we had struck gold! Through years of experience helping women birth their babies, Michele and Sarah always knew what to say, always supported us both, helped us both find rest, stay fueled, and made one of our live’s most powerful experiences an enjoyable one!  And why do you need two doulas? As Michele and Sarah like to say, “You can’t have too much of a good thing!” The birth of our daughter didn’t go exactly to our original ‘best case scenario’ plan. Labor was long, and we were was faced with decisions that we didn’t want to make. Michele and Sarah calmed and reassured us and helped to facilitate great conversation with our medical team to make those decisions. The care that Michele and Sarah provide can’t be easily described in words. We are forever thankful to these two amazing women for making our birth experience a fantastic one!”
Erin & Bryce, parents of a beautiful new baby girl, Boulder
“We are so grateful to have had you by our side during our labor and birth. I’m struggling to even find the words to express just how grateful we are. We wish every laboring woman and her partner could have you by their side. You exceeded any and all expectations we had for our birth doula care.”
Jenna, mother of a very adorable new son, Niwot
“Thank you for restoring my faith in the birthing process. I am in awe of your constant inspiration. Thank you for shaping my return to motherhood and being there to support me from start to present. Words are not enough to express my breathlessness.”
HeatherLyn, mother of two cutie pies with 2nd birth a VBAC on Mother’s Day, Lafayette
“You really listened to us in the prenatal visit and offered lots of useful ideas which helped us prepare fully for the birth. At the time of labor, you were totally perfect, with helpful words, actions, and emotional support. You were strong and soothing. I really got the birth I had hoped for, but couldn’t imagine I would have. Your support postpartum has been awesome with great breastfeeding tips, recovery advice, and more.”
Kate, mother of two handsome sons, Boulder
“I know I counted on being Super Dad, the guy who would rise from the ashes of no sleep and help Amy through all the contractions, but each little hill wore me out. Not only were you there, clocking in at midnight, but you knew exactly how to touch Amy to help her past the physical pain and show me the way too. Thank you so much for being secure enough to see me in the process. I wonder if men have been left behind as nurturers partly, because they tend to get pushed aside in this process, when they might be most inspired to participate.”
Eric, father of a “spirited” daughter and son, Niwot
“Thank you for all your help and support during this birth. I think we may have had a different outcome without you! We are grateful that you were able to be a part of all three of our births. I agree with our midwives that you are a great doula! I also love the birth story book you made and the birth pictures you took!”
Carmen, mother of three wee ones born at home, Longmont
“I have been an OB/GYN in Boulder County for two decades, and Michele and I have had the good fortune to work together on many occasions. I am always amazed at Michele’s ability to create an atmosphere that is warm, positive and enriching for everyone, the new family and their medical care team alike.”
Tom, OB-GYN, Lafayette


postpartum doula love letters

“Easing into the transition from maiden to mother and familyhood felt daunting. Having my postpartum doulas as a guide, a hand, a sherpa of sorts to help blaze the trail was incredible medicine. In ages past, I know women and their families were held on the other side of birth by the womb of their village, their tribe, their kin. This is why it felt so unnatural to me to mount the work of nurturing new life alone. I craved a tap into the well of generation’s wisdom, to drink from the answers that have already been surmised and when the questions were truly mine alone to journey, I simply craved a hand to hold me steady along the shaky ground of Motherhood. Having my postpartum doulas along the way, gave me this hand and steadied the ground so I could anchor myself in the strength that was always mine to claim. I will always be grateful for this gift and would recommend Sanctuary Doulas postpartum care to every mother and family as the best investment they could ever make in their mental, physical and emotional well being for many years to come!”
Sarah, mother of a spirited little girl, Lyons
“Thank you so much for coming in to my life and home and instantly becoming amazing support, mentor, and confidante! I was blown away by your ability to connect, nurture, guide, and support – in just the right ways.”
Jessica, mother of two boys and grateful recipient of postpartum doula care gifted by out of state friends, Boulder
“I just want to say how amazing our Sanctuary Postpartum Doulas experience with Abby was and that she truly gave us help in the most perfect ways. We are so grateful for her warm nature and kind words, and we talk about how much we adore her frequently. We feel as we made a true friend who helped us feel more comfortable in our skin as new parents. Thank you, thank you!”
Claire, mother of an adorable new son, Longmont
“Your overnight home visits were absolutely incredible as we welcomed our third child into our family. Even though this wasn’t my first rodeo, I wanted this postpartum time to be my best. At first, I was hesitant about two postpartum doulas coming into my home on different nights during this intimate time, but their work together was seamless, and I learned so much from each of them. Postpartum doula care is an invaluable service that I hope more families will consider to more bring joy and peace to life with a new baby.”
Amanda, mother of three girls, Niwot
“This postpartum doula thing has been great! Happy wife, happy life!”
Skye, father of two precious girls, Lyons
“Our time with you was truly precious. Your ability to tend to and even anticipate each and every one of our needs before, during and after Nina’s Cesarean birth was just such a gift. I feel so lucky to have found you, and the transition into motherhood has been a joy in no small part due to your wisdom and guiding hand- and delicious food!”
Jessica, mother of two beautiful kids, North Denver


massage therapy love letters

“Having Amy come to our home to provide massages for my husband and I after birth was such a special gift. She transformed our space into a blissful oasis in minutes and adapted to accommodate our needs. Her tender, loving care allowed us to transition into parenthood with a fresh mindset and soothed bodies. While the massages for mama and papa were divine, her hands on instructions for infant massage was the best gift of all. We include a nightly massage in our son’s bedtime routine and it is a treasured time for all of us. Thank you Amy!”
Andi, mother to a sweet son, Lafayette
“Starting prenatal massage at four months made a huge difference during my pregnancy – the most perfect and relaxing massages I’d ever had with exactly the right pressure in exactly the places that I needed. As my pregnant body grew and adjusted, I found myself with new aches and pains, especially in some hard to reach or stretch areas. Michele always had an interesting solution and her intuitive hands helped my body ease through the transitions. I always left my massages feeling renewed and strengthened. The first time I brought my newborn son with me to my postnatal massage, I questioned my judgment, blaming sleep deprivation, and truly wondered how it was going to work. It could not have been easier or smoother. Sometimes he snoozed in the Sanctuary office bassinet or snuggled in my arms on the massage table. Michele made it easy and comfortable for me to even nurse him while getting my massage. I couldn’t believe how smoothly it went, still completely relaxing and a little blissful, healing self-care time for me without having to be away from my baby.”
Lisa, mother of the cutest baby boy, Boulder
“Thank you for all you have done for me over these many years since my first pregnancy. Years later, your support continues to reminds me to listen and trust my intuition and your divine hands have healed me in so many ways. I am grateful for your gifts and thankful for the ways they have lifted and strengthened me.”
Kim, mother of two gorgeous teenage girls, Boulder
“As a mother of two, I found myself with debilitating left neck and shoulder pain that got to the point that I could not sleep or hold my sweet newborn. I spent over a month seeking answers and medications from doctors with no relief. Within two massages, I was so much better and pain free. It was so reassuring to know my “new mother’s neck” had myofascial trigger points that were so easily treatable in your knowledgeable hands. Now I can sleep again and hold by babies. Thank you!”
Courtney, mama of two energetic wee ones, Erie
“Thank you for your expertise in my pregnancy and postnatal massages which were divine, and my favorite part of the whole journey. Oh yeah, and another beautiful baby to boot!”
Kristine, mother of two delightful wee ones, Superior
“I so appreciated all the prenatal and postnatal massage! Your informed reassurances to this first time mom that what was happening to my body was normal helped my peace of mind and my attitude for the whole pregnancy and birth. Most of all, I really appreciated the help you gave me to help myself, awareness of my posture and movements to keep me flexible and healthy have all really helped me feel a lot better with this new, physically demanding job of being a Mom. So many times, thank you, for your work, your kindness, and the knowledge that you give so freely.”
Phyllis, mother of a busy little guy, Boulder
“After one week of learning infant massage, my baby started sleeping better. I notice I talk with her more while I’m massaging her and I’m learning her cues. It’s a wonderful way to connect.”
Jill, mother of a sweet wee one, Louisville
“I noticed my baby was finally pooping everyday after being gassy and constipated for days. I do a couple of good tummy massages, and he’s much happier. He smiles when I ask if he wants a massage now. We enjoy it and get the whole family involved!”
Sarah, mother of three wee ones, Lyons


classes & talks love letters

“In deep gratitude for sharing your wisdom of birth and postpartum doulas with us! Inspiring!”
De, Prenatal/Postpartum Yoga Teacher Intensive Workshop, Boulder
“What a fabulous professional continuing education workshop! Even though I’ve been practicing for many years, I’ve greatly increased my skills and confidence working with pregnant and new mothers with your guidance. Thanks for also helping me refine my body mechanics so that I’m working with more grace and ease.”
Francis, massage therapist, Portland, OR
“Thank you so much for your wonderful infant massage presentation. We received great feedback from our students and the babies enjoyed it!”
Arapahoe Teen Parent Program, Boulder Valley School District


gifting love letters

“Thanks for all the love, the scrumptious nourishing meals, your healing massage, breastfeeding support and TLC. Baby Lauren gets the benefits of the infant massage that you passed onto us too. She is just blossoming, and we are all set on such a wonderful life course!”
Tarah & Matt, happy recipients of their grandparent’s gift of postpartum doula care, Longmont
“Thank you so much for coming in to my life and home and instantly becoming amazing support, mentor, and confidante! I was blown away by your ability to connect, nurture, guide, and support – in just the right ways.”
Jessica, mother of two boys and grateful recipient of postpartum doula care gifted by out of state friends, Boulder