Newborn Mothers

love conquers all

It’s my golden rule for Newborn Mothers, and of course I live by it now too as a Newborn Mother:

Peace and joy ALWAYS take precedent.

Simple things like putting on some music, essential oils, a bath or a cup of tea in the sunshine are TOP of my list. 

Anything I can do to increase my oxytocin comes first, which is why there’s only room for one ‘task’ or ‘goal’ each day. I make sure there is space in my day for reading books and spending time with my older kids and eating yummy food.

This is only possible because I’ve asked for lots and lots of help!

it takes time to get to know your new baby

Contrary to what some parenting paradigms teach, your baby is not a blank canvas. He or she is born with a personality and temperament, and you have to work with the baby you’ve got. Getting to know your baby and working with their unique strengths and challenges is crucial to your happiness, and your baby’s!

As a mother, you are a scientist collecting lots of tiny bits of information and forming a fuller picture of your baby than anyone else in the world.

YOU are the expert.

“Birth isn’t just about making babies, it’s about making mums too. You are being invited to re-invent yourself because when a baby is born so is a mother. And I’ll let you in on a secret. The birth of a mother can be even more intense than childbirth.”  -Julia Jones

But this takes time. Don’t expect to just transform into Mother Mary instantly after the placenta is born. Your baby’s personality and temperament will unfold over weeks, months and years. Look at it as getting a degree at University, then going on to do your Masters and Doctorate, all on the unique topic of Your Child.

And you’ll have to do it all over again for every baby you have.

In the meantime, resist the barrage of experts and parenting advice and focus on your baby. Nobody knows your baby better than you do.



Quotes Source: Julia Jones, New Born Mothers

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