postpartum abundance project

postpartum abundance project

The Postpartum Abundance Project’s mission is to provide partial financial sponsorships for Sanctuary Doulas postpartum care to families who are in need and live in Boulder County, Colorado and the surrounding communities that we serve. The Postpartum Abundance Project is a simple, grassroots solution to remove economic, racial and ethnic disparities in maternal health care with exceptional postpartum doula care for new families in need in our local community.


We accept our Postpartum Abundance Project Sponsorship Application from …

  • families in financial need (who qualify for Medicaid and other assistance programs)
  • single mothers
  • mothers of diverse, underserved races and ethnicities

At Sanctuary Healing Arts, we believe that our abundance is to be shared with others! Postpartum doula care is health care, not a luxury. When a family’s application is accepted, the family pays their chosen financial contribution toward their care, and the Postpartum Abundance Project picks up the rest! Postpartum Abundance Project sponsorships are available to families on a first come, first serve basis from many generous donations from folks all over our community and beyond.

Anyone can donate to our Postpartum Abundance Project and share our mission to bring abundance to new families through our postpartum doula care! Our clients sometimes ask if they can add gratuities or tips for our services, but other than chocolate (haha!), we ask instead that you express your gratitude by “tip gifting” a donation amount of your choice to the Postpartum Abundance Project.

Donate $1

Donate $5

Donate $10

Donate $25

Donate $50

Donate $100

Donate amount of your choice

Generous donors also have the opportunity to gift their support to one family in need. This following donations provides 10-200 hours* of postpartum doula care home visits to one family. As a generous donor, you are invited to our annual Postpartum Abundance Project Celebration to meet the family whose postpartum care you made possible. Thanks for making a difference!
* hours of care will vary depending on the specific services that the family chooses for their postpartum doula care
Alternatively, considering adding us to your Amazon Smile account. For every purchase, the Postpartum Abundance Project will receive a small donation from Amazon. Click here to support us via Amazon Smile!