Reiki & postpartum care

reiki & postpartum care

by Tekla Ayers

Reiki is a spiritual healing practice for balancing energy that originated in Japan in the early 20th century. Reiki is pronounced ray-key. “Rei” means spiritual wisdom, and “ki” means life energy. “Ki” is also known as “prana” in Sanskrit, and modern science calls it “biofield energy.” Reiki moves energy in subtle yet powerful ways, bringing calm and relaxation, as well as dramatic shifts to the body, mind, and spirit. Trained Reiki practitioners provide Reiki, and you can also learn self Reiki techniques with the guidance of a trained Reiki practitioner like me. The postpartum time is a beautiful time to integrate Reiki and bring balance and peacefulness to your new family.

During a Reiki session, you are fully clothed, on a massage table and covered with a blanket. I move my hands over the body – hovering above the body and or gently touching. Reiki energy works in partnership with your energy to bring balance and grounding. I bring my intuitive practice to you and enjoy teaching simple visualization tools and self Reiki techniques for continuing to ground during and after our session.

Postpartum is a time of healing for mothers. The energy balancing of Reiki allows the body’s innate healing wisdom to arise. Birth opens mothers physically and energetically which can feel vulnerable to new mothers, and a Reiki session can help provide a healthy energetic closing that focuses on her energetic boundaries. Reiki can also help you bond with baby because when you are calmer, it is easier to observe baby’s cues, and baby tends to be calmer with a calm caregiver!

Sometimes after birth, new mothers feel overwhelmed, jittery, and as some mamas describe, “buzzy.” The work of labor and birth, sleep changes, new rhythms and rituals of newborn care and feeding, as well as the energy in the home, birth center or hospital affect the new mother, baby and family. An in-home Reiki session helps to move and release energy that is “buzzing” by bringing your upper chakras’ energy down to your lower chakras, grounding you, bringing a feeling of calm, focus and relief of anxiety or nervousness that can arise. In my experience working with families during their postpartum transition, I witness that an in-home Reiki session is the calm, grounding gift that every new mom and dad or partner deserves. The relaxation and calm it brings are just some of the benefits that help new parents transition into parenthood with more ease. Better sleep is almost always reported too!

“I wish every new mother and family could have Reiki in their home after birth! It is ideal for new mamas to have these moments of deep relaxation with Reiki in their early days and weeks together. Mamas say it’s easier to access their mothering intuition from this place,” says Michele Kolakowski, Sanctuary Doulas founder.

For more information on an intuitive Reiki healing session with Tekla, please visit Luz de La Luna Women’s Wellness. To learn more about other postpartum wellness strategies, please visit Sanctuary Doulas.

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